The Soldiers and Civilians 1939-45

Below are the soldiers we have traced to having a connection to Wickford, and for all those we have pictures for we have added, for those we don't we have used a picture of their grave or memorial. We are always looking to fill in the gaps, so please if you do have any photos of any of the 'missing' men we would love to get copies for the archive.

ALEXANDER, Anthony Wilfred

14663366 Sapper, 249 Field Coy (Airborne) Royal Engineers

Killied in Action, Ranville France, June 10, 1944 Age 20.

Buried; Ranville Cemetery France.

ANDERSON, Robert Henry

6478160 Lance Sergeant, 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers
Killed In Action Italy, 12 May 1944, Age 35

ANDREWS, Alfred Arthur DSM,

C/KX 121798 Leading Stoker, HM Motor Gun Boat 2002, Royal Navy
Killed by mine off Swedish coast, May 12, 1945 Age 28.


C/MX71291 Leading Cook (O), HMS Blean, Royal Navy
Killed In Action 11 December 1942.

BASS, Frederick William

14411084 Private, 7th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment
Killed in Action, France 8 July 1944, Age 19.

BONNELL, Hugh Emrys

91409 Major Royal Army Medical Corps
Died 5th May 1941 aged 35


CHABLE, Albert Eric Daniel

6845596 Sergeant 1st Battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Killed in Action, Italy 26 Oct 1944 Age 26.

CHABLE, Ernest George

873050 Lance Bombardier, 7th Battery 5th HAA Regiment, Royal Artillery
Killed in Action, Hong Kong, 19 Dec 1941 Age 22.

CLARK, John Edward

Believed to be 2626007 Lance Corporal 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards
Killed 28 November 1947 Age 21

COATES, Raymond Aubrey

60805 Flying Officer, 62 Squadron Royal Air Force
Killed, Singapore, 21 May 1942 Age 24

DAVIES, Frederick Alfred.

6145716, York and Lancaster RegimentKilled in action, France, August 2, 1944 Age 25 

DERRY, Sydney Horace

1735554, Lance Bombardier, 49 Battery 48 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
Killed, 8th March 1942 age 26.

EVANS, Hector Ronald

5497942 Lance Bombardier, 2/1 Maritime Regiment Royal Artillery
Killed in Action, June 5, 1942 Age 27.

 EVANS, Henry George

1523218 Sergeant, 50 Battery 17 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
Killed North Africa, July 4, 1943 Age 33.

EVERITT, Stanley Charles

908043 Flight Sergeant, 210 Squadron Royal Air Force
Killed, 13 June 1943 Age 24

GEAR, George

P/K59293 Leading Stoker, HMS Janus, Royal Navy
Killed in Action 23 January 1944 Age 45.

GOWING, Kenneth Joseph

176556 Pilot Officer, 44 Squadron Royal Air Force
Killed in Action, 8th July 1944 Age 22.

GRAVES, John Rochester

Lieutenant, HMS Hood, Royal Navy
Killed in Action, North Sea, 24 May 1941 Age 26

GRAY, Cyril Edward

5773567 Corporal, 6th Bn. Royal Norfolk Regiment.

Died 21st January 1942. Age 22.

 HENRY, Stanley Maurice

6019219 Private, 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment
Killed at sea whilst prisoner, 21st September 1944.


2047286 Signalman, 5th Divisional Signals, Royal Corps of Signals
Killed in Action, France between 29-30/5/1940 Age 22

HUGHES, William Frederick Gerrard

1272205 Sergeant Pilot
Killed 26 April 1942 Age 29.

HUNT, Victor Eric William

C/JX 199296 Able Seaman, SS Parracombe, Royal Navy
Killed in Action 2nd May 1941 Age 19.

HUNT Walter Frances

1376651 Aircraftsmen 1st Class, Royal Air Force
Died of Wounds 28th August 1941 Age 28



KEEBLE, Walter

6021172, Private, 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment

Died at sea 21 September 1944 Age 28

KETLEY, Richard Charles

6024556 Private, 1st Battalion Essex Regiment
Died India, 12 March 1943 Age 29

KIRK, Walter John Seaman

LT/JX 184547 Royal Naval Patrol Service HM Yacht Campeador V
Killed in Action, 22 June 1940 Age 39

 KNOTT, Ronald Albert

6853539 Sergeant 1st Glider Pilot Regiment, Army Air Force
Killed in Action, Sicily 10th July 1943 Age 21

LAMB, Herbert

5575035 Private, The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment
Killed in Action, Italy 15 September, 1944 Age 29.

LONGMAN, Leonard Victor

2031636 Sergeant, 514 Searchlight Battery Royal Artillery,
Killed 18th Oct 1940 Age 27

MEARS, William

13095091 Private 1st Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment
Killed in Action, Italy 12th July 1944

 MILLAR, James Frederick

6019241 Private, 1st Battalion Beds and Herts Regiment
Killed in Action, Sicily, 31 Aug 1944 Age 25

MOORE, Tony George

1233882 Leading Aircraftsman 150 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Killed, Sicily 21st Dec 1943 Age 22

MURRAY, Donald

179886 Pilot Officer, 88 Squadron Royal Air Force
Killed In Action, 5th August 1944 Age 19

OLLEY, Richard Ernest

23644 Driver, Royal Army Service Corps
Killed Libya 8 June 1942 Age 36

PAGE, Leonard Frank

C/JX351331 Ordinary Seaman, HMS Fidelity, Royal Navy
Killed in Action, 1 January 1943 Age 19.

PEDDER, Ernest Andrew James

P/SSX12108 Able Seaman, HMS Hood, Royal Navy
Killed In Action 24th May 1941 aged 33

PEGG, Ronald George

1238512 Flight Sergeant (Flight Engineer), 83 Squadron Royal Air Force
Killed in Action, April 3, 1943.

PHILLIPS, John Douglass

138829 Flying Officer (Navigator),105 Squadron Royal Air Force,
Killed in Action, 12 December 1943 Age 21

PIMM, Stanley Albert

1625985 Flight Sergeant (Navigator), 635 Squadron Royal Air Force
Killed, 30th March 1945 Age 20

POTTER, George Edward

6019255 Private 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment
Died Malaya 21st September 1943 Age 24.

PRATT, Donald

1078897, Sergeant Wireless Operator, 59 Squadron Royal Air Force
Killed 18th August 1944 Age 21.

PRATT, David Laurence

1613112 Flight Sergeant (Pilot) 73 Squadron, Royal Air Force,
Killed in Action, 26th March 1945

RAWLINGS, Edward Frank

2377773 Signalman, 4th Divisional Signals Royal Corps of Signals
Killed in Action Tunisia, April 21, 1943 Age 30.

ROBINSON, Eric Arthur

1330303 Sergeant Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, Royal Air Force
Killed 31st March 1943 Age 20

ROCKER, Sidney Stanley

1771878 Gunner, 48 Battery 21st Light. Anti Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery,

Died Malaya, 14th March 1945 Age 24

ROGERS, Albert Edward Lawrence

1236689 Aircraftsmen 1st Class 111 Squadron Royal Air Force
Died 5th July 1944 Age 21.

SMITH, Eric Francis

6020758 Lance Corporal, 5th Battalion Suffolk Regiment
Died 14th August 1943 Age 27.

SPRACKLING, Leonard William

116671 Flying Officer (Nav) 83 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Killed in action 5th March 1943 Age 22.


C/JX168888 Able Seaman, HMS Kandahar, Royal Navy
Killed in action 20th December 1941 Age 22.

WHARRIER, Robert Andrew

176399 Lieutenant 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment
Killed in Action, Tunisia, 12th March 1943 Age 23

WILLIAMS, Samuel Charles

1614983 Flight Sergeant Air Gunner, Royal Air Force
Killed Mediterranean 25th Aug 1944 Age 21

WOOD, John

906925 Sergeant, 149 Squadron Royal Air Force
Killed in Action, 17th April 1941 Age 27



BRETT, Charles Richard


JONES, Stanley Charles

PRATT, Cecil Arthur

PRATT, Gertrude Hannah

PRATT, Judith Mary Molly

ROLLS, William John Henry

STYLES, Norah Phyliss

TIDIMAN Gwendoline